Discussion Topics

Language is best practiced in a realistic context. When I can I prefer to embed repeated practice within an interesting and motivational topics. This helps students remain engaged.

This page features topics that are of interest to many students in the primary grades (ages 6 to 12).



What on Earth?! and What on Earth?!2 use paranormal subjects like Yeti, Stonehenge and UFOs to stimulate use of questions and answering with relative clauses like “It is a creature that…”

Big Beat in India

Amusement Park rides inspire discussions using prepositions like over, under and around. Students can also express likes and dislikes while using “would/would not like/ride.”

slide 13

An imaginary family of 4 (the Smiths) provide the grounds for discussing family finances, allowances, saving money and spending money. Lots of chances to use would, could, and What would happen if…?


Enjoy. If you’d like more prompts like these, comment below.More please


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