Language & Cross-Curricular Connections

Science-ExplosionOur students got a late start with spoken language. I don’t mean in learning a second language. These children were delayed in using or understanding any language at all. This means that while they’re in school learning spoken language, they also need to learn the sciences, math and everything else the other students are learning.

This leaves me with a constant sense of trying to catch hourglassthem up. I can almost hear those grains of sand sliding through the hourglass.

So a visitor to my classroom may sometimes be unsure whether I’m teaching language, science or geography. That’s because I might be teaching all three subjects in one lesson.

This series of posts will include language lessons that include academic objectives as well.

Closer – Faster – Coldest uses comparative and superlative adjectives to discuss cool cars, major world cities, world temperatures, and populations.cities w temps


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