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Who’s Posting Here?

Hi, I’m Julia West.  I’ve been teaching listening and spoken language to children who are deaf or hard of hearing for 20 years. In addition to speech and language, I also teach reading, science, social studies and math. I enjoy thinking, talking and reading about language and language learning. I also enjoy designing teaching materials and am co-author and co-creator of the CID SPICE for Life Auditory Learning Curriculum. I’ve also presented dozens of workshops on Language Instruction, Auditory Training and Auditory Learning.

Why Post?

I believe it is important to have a variety of fun and pragmatically appropriate ways to practice new language structures. I usually save my ideas (the ones that worked!) in my Language folder in Dropbox.

When my creative muscles fail me, I do what every other teacher I know does: I Google It. Recently I realized that I could share my ideas for other teachers whose creative muscles are temporarily failing.

So I will be sharing my favorite ideas here. I look forward to reading about some of your ideas in the comments. You can also find ideas on my Facebook page and on Pinterest (I’m new to Pinterest, so be patient — or offer tips!)  

juliatheone    Julia West, MSSH, CED


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